Live the life you want to live

because there is actually no one stopping you but yourself.

I’m amazed at all the excuses I can make to myself about not doing something; only to realize that the only thing I’ll regret is not doing it.

It’s difficult to take a leap—or a hop sometimes. But the universe has got your back.

Nothing is ever too late.

And always, give love, and love will naturally return to you.

Creating space: 



From upper left, clockwise: Coffee vanilla from Cosme Kitchen Juicery (Shibuya), Cacao Maca from Marugo Deli (Ebisu), Banana protein from LA Juice (Hiroo), Cacao Avocado from Trueberry (Nakameguro)

“Go with the flow” is commonly used, but just like everything else in the world (and beyond), it can be taken in different ways depending on how a person percieves it in a certain situation.

It can be difficult for me at times. Sometimes you do need patience. You can’t rush things. You DO need to go with the flow.

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Morning coffee.

Today was a slow morning. I’m not on a “stable” schedule right now (leave that story for another day) so for days like this when I’m working from home, I have some flexibility.

From upper left, clockwise: Drip coffee&milk@home — Milk tea@Haneda Airport — Americano@Cafe Gavroche in Singapore — Almond decaf latte@my soul sister’s home

We all find comfort in stablility. Even if you think you’re all over the place, as long as you know you have one stable something–whether it be a person, house, job, hobby, etc… it makes you, sane. And…happy!

At times when I feel like I’m in that tunnel, and not quite sure where I’m going— all I can really do is to remind myself that the light is right around the corner. So I just try new things, take new challenges, and go with my curiosity. But I find that possible because I know that unconciously or conciously, my family and friends are there to support me. That’s stability.

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On-point “wellness” series.

I stumbled across this series and instantly felt a spark: “what on earth is wellness?”.I love the very down-to-earth Camille Rowe who explores this broad topic, though intended for the well-being of people, can do the exact opposite at times.
Either way it’s no doubt confusing, with information that bombards us daily. We always need to find that balance. To have knowledge is essential, but that gut feeling is too, just as important. Each episode is so relative, real and I’m sure we can get a little something from it.  Xxx

Finding the root 根本をたどる。

When something in the body doesn’t feel right, whether it be a cold that keeps on coming back, or chronic pain—we have to notice that these are signs the body is giving us. And usually, the answer is not taking an energy drink & some Asprin. As this can get you through the day of rough work (I understand, first hand experience!), it’s temporary. Continue reading