Back from Pune, India.

Let the tension go, and take it easy

P1080640Came home from a ten-day trip to Pune, India which included one of the most beautiful weddings, and days of Yoga filled with love and laughter.
This time, I visited two studios.

1. Abhay’s Iyengar Yoga in Kothrud, Pune
(Karve Road, Rahul Nagar near Hanuman Temple)
One of the best teachers in all ways that I have encountered in my life. Everyday I would take a rickshaw there for five days, where I would work on a personalized sequence (for my lower back) from 9:30-11:30.
P1080549 P10805522. Kiram’s Studio on Paud Road
The teacher frequently travels around the world to teach his own style of yoga, which he created after recovering from his injuries through yoga. I took the evening classes here with the ladies of the area. The location is my favorite, at a rooftop of a building.


I cannot express in words how this trip has impacted me, as it has in many ways.
Looking forward to seeing everybody in Tokyo!

Always see your surroundings with fresh eyes.

Had a chance to see Mr. Iyengar himself when visiting the Iyengar Memorial Institute!

Yoga in Barcelona, Yoga in Paris


I live for traveling! And two things are a must during my trips.
#1 Cafe’s, cafe’s cafe’s!
#2 Visiting local Yoga Studios

P1070808P1070805Estudio Yoga, Barcelona
After trying out a couple of studios living in the city, this one became my favorite.
It’s everything―the ambience, the students, the teachers & staff.
You’ll Feel the Barcelona sun & wind from the european tall windows, while the graceful voice of the instructor vibrates througout the space…It’s Pure Bliss.
*Classes in Spanish. Basic yoga classes starts with focus on breathing and flows into basic yoga postures. Experienced students, classes of approx. 10 people.
Trial class 8 euros/ One class 14 euros (mat rental 1 euro) Studio, Paris
I looked for a studio in my area, luckily this one was open during the summer holidays.
It’s a beautiful studio in the Bastille area of Paris, and have two studios offering also pilates and dance classes.
I especially enjoyed the spacious-ness, with small groups. You can hear the lively voices and sounds from outside like a BGM, giving you the full Paris Yoga experience.
*Classes in French, but most teachers speak English. Hatha yoga classes focus on basic yoga postures and focus on breathing. Beginners involved with approx. 5-6 students.
Trial class 12 euros/ One class 18 euros (free mat rental)


旅行が大好きな私。旅行先でのマストはこの二つ ①カフェ巡り ②地元のヨガスタジオ訪問

体験 8ユーロ ドロップイン 14ユーロ(マット代1ユーロ)

体験 12ーロ ドロップイン 18ユーロ(マット大無料)

P1080235 (600x800)