Live the life you want to live

because there is actually no one stopping you but yourself.

I’m amazed at all the excuses I can make to myself about not doing something; only to realize that the only thing I’ll regret is not doing it.

It’s difficult to take a leap—or a hop sometimes. But the universe has got your back.

Nothing is ever too late.

And always, give love, and love will naturally return to you.

Creating space: 



From upper left, clockwise: Coffee vanilla from Cosme Kitchen Juicery (Shibuya), Cacao Maca from Marugo Deli (Ebisu), Banana protein from LA Juice (Hiroo), Cacao Avocado from Trueberry (Nakameguro)

“Go with the flow” is commonly used, but just like everything else in the world (and beyond), it can be taken in different ways depending on how a person percieves it in a certain situation.

It can be difficult for me at times. Sometimes you do need patience. You can’t rush things. You DO need to go with the flow.

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Finding the root 根本をたどる。

When something in the body doesn’t feel right, whether it be a cold that keeps on coming back, or chronic pain—we have to notice that these are signs the body is giving us. And usually, the answer is not taking an energy drink & some Asprin. As this can get you through the day of rough work (I understand, first hand experience!), it’s temporary. Continue reading

日々是好日。Everyday is a…good day.

A Zen word
We typically think that when A happens, it’s good. or when B happens, its bad. So our minds are wired to think that when A happens, its a good day, and if not, its a bad day. But what if we can let go over our attachments about A & B? Whether it’s a A, B or C day, if we make the most of it, it doesn’t have to be A to be good.

In Zen we learn not to mourn the past, or worry about the future, but live in the present moment. Whether its rain or shine, if we fully embrace that moment–(because the same day will never come, ever)–any day is a good day.

Maybe this is how we become stronger and how our experiences become who we are. Letting go of habits, attachments, and pasts is difficult, but if we can stop that from controlling us and our life, life (may be) a little bit more simple. Despite all the situations out there in the world, if we all have this mindfulness, maybe the world can be a different place.

It’s been a few weeks in Paris now, and it has been a wonderful time, really words cannot express. I’ve never thought that I would come to love a city so much. Of course it makes it easier to be excited since things are different and new after living in my home city Tokyo for so long, but I have to say, that I’ve been living my inner “zen” by acting on this saying. Everyday is not always A, but whether its a B, C or D…I’m making my best effort to make the most of it, by living it, embracing it, because there’s never gonna be a day like it. I feel like each and every experience, encounter, small “happenings” are the dots that connect to the bigger whole:) But nonetheless it helps to be in such a beautiful city. And, I’m hoping to start my yoga teaching activities very soon as well:)

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