Morning coffee.

Today was a slow morning. I’m not on a “stable” schedule right now (leave that story for another day) so for days like this when I’m working from home, I have some flexibility.

From upper left, clockwise: Drip coffee&milk@home — Milk tea@Haneda Airport — Americano@Cafe Gavroche in Singapore — Almond decaf latte@my soul sister’s home

We all find comfort in stablility. Even if you think you’re all over the place, as long as you know you have one stable something–whether it be a person, house, job, hobby, etc… it makes you, sane. And…happy!

At times when I feel like I’m in that tunnel, and not quite sure where I’m going— all I can really do is to remind myself that the light is right around the corner. So I just try new things, take new challenges, and go with my curiosity. But I find that possible because I know that unconciously or conciously, my family and friends are there to support me. That’s stability.

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