Sirop de gingembre

This is a syrup I made just as we got into the change of seasons. I felt like I needed a good boost and in that case, ginger, is always a good idea. This recipe is simple, and what is amazing about it is that it conserves well, and for cool windy days add hot water and there’s a delicious cup of flavored tea, and one hot sunny days, add some sparkling water and voilà, a homemade ginger ale. All you need is: Organic fresh ginger, coconut sugar (or sugar), honey and lemon. 13a51691-808b-4ab6-a258-d462ed002419In a casserole, add in 1 cup of water with 10 slices of peeled ginger. Add 3 tablespoons of coconut sugar and 2 tablespoons of honey. Put on low heat for 20 minutes, squeeze in a dash of lemon. Conserve in a sterilized jar and close tightly, to be stored in the fridge. 0fed1ea4-53cd-4322-a73f-a5c3a802b8b6