Air purifiers

fa612297-ff19-45f4-8fae-cca544acda49After having tidy-ed up the house, I love to give it a finishing touch with some natural air purifiers.  I honestly believe that it makes the air serene and calm, and brings everything back to zero. I often freshen up with these even when I just feel like my mind is cloudy, energy is low or body feels sluggish. My three big magic methods:

  1. Aroma diffuser : Oils depending on the day & moment but combinations like lavender–citron–eucalyptus is 100%.
  2. Dried sage: I’ve been using this for a long time now–when I teach I sometimes like to burn sage in the room before class to create a clean feel-good ambiance. At the moment, we also are growing our own sage which will be dried out for future use.
  3. Palo Santo: A recent favorite. There is something so calming about the scent of pure wood, which also works as an incense. (*I would’t burn it for long–sometimes the aroma can get a bit strong)