Apiculture: Séance d’initiation n゜1

So, we happily finished our first day of our bee-keeping introduction session–a fitting for our combinaison (yes, bought!) and a 3 hour lecture on a general outline of the art of apiculture. Not only is the practice of moving our hands important, but also the theory. Although quite scientific (which can be difficult for me at times), it’s quite interesting to learn the anatomy of bees (apis millefera millefera—to be exact) we will be handling, and much much more. The 3-hour intro was insightful, thorough but compact, as the presenter ended saying ‘we can still go on for hours’. At least, this thick bible of apiculture we have at home seems a bit more accessible now… more to come!

Book: Le traité d’apiculture (Rustica)