‘Le miel’, The honey story

Back in Japan, I searched around for a non-heated (非加熱) raw honey and found a bee maker who makes small batches in the countryside. Let’s just say, when you taste this kind of pure honey, you can never go back to any other kind.

There on, we traveled to Greece where we found les ruches (bee hives) in the mountains all over, and were amazed by their local honey.

Getting back home, keeping our eyes open in the big city life of Paris, we found that there are lots of opportunities here as well, for finding—and cultivating local honey. The art of this is called apiculture, bee-keeping. After contacting several associations, we will start our journey of a year and a half to learn the art and hopefully, one day have our own ruche to make honey of our own.

In the meantime, a collection of our honey at home:

  1. Miel de bruyère from an apiculteur found at a morning local marché in Bandol
  2. Honey from Le Rucher de Malakoff, made in the banlieu of Paris
  3. Miel de Fleurs d’été from the Rucher de Balard, made on a rooftop right in Paris 15
  4. Homemade honey from an old man on the island of Paros, Greece
  5. Local market honey from a small island of 300 people in Greece, Schinoussa
  6. Honey from a small local supermarket (who have their own organic garden) in the island of Amorgos, Greece.
  7. Manuka Honey 18+ from New Zealand
  8. Meli, heather honey from Ios island, Greece
  9. Raw thyme honey from a village Kostos in Paros, Greece
  10. f/z heather honey from Greece