DIY hand soap: le premier essai

‘Savon à main liquide maison’

After a greenweez online order for ingredients, I am ready to dive deeper into the DIY home products journey. First up, liquid hand soap! Since this is the first attempt, I will be making a small quantity and then hoping to improve the recipe petit à petit.

  • 15g Savon de Marseille (here, Fer à Cheval soap, 72% olive oil)
  • Olive oil 1/2 tablespoon
  • Essential oils – Niaouli 3 drops & Lemon 3 drops
  • 300ml Hot water
  • 10ml Savon noir liquide (Fer à Cheval)

In a glass jar, add the olive oil and essential oils. Add the grated savon, and add 1/3 of the hot water. Mix or shake with the lid firmly closed. Add another 1/3 of the water, and add savon liquide noir. Another shake and add the rest of the water. Mix and fill up your (pump style) container when cooled down. Voilà!

For now, I am loving the smooth moist texture it leaves on my skin. I personally enjoy the raw-like herb aroma of the olive oil, but if you prefer a more citrus-fruity fragrance, you can add additional essential oils of your preference.

*update: I had a request for it to be a bit thicker in texture, so tried salt. Not a good idea–so it seems like vegetal glycerine will be the next try for the épaisseur!

*update#2: adding 5 teaspoons of salt actually creating a store-bought like firm texture, but still working on finding a solution to doing this without creating lumps forming at the bottom (due to a reaction with the soap & salt)