抹茶 Matcha latte maison

c20b019e-54fd-405b-b640-f1b23e431936-1I’ve had this wooden whisk and teaspoon for a while now, sent over with matcha, from my mom in Tokyo. Since coffee (usually bought online in bean form from a local torréfacteur  (coffee roaster)) is my morning drink, I hadn’t really gotten into the habit of matcha — until now. I still drink coffee in the morning, but those moments during the day when I want a little something, I’ll make myself a matcha latte. It’s definitely not the traditional (tea ceremony) way we craft it at home in Japan, but I love the modern twist!
1) Mix (whisk) 2 teaspoons of matcha powder and 10ml of hot water
2) Add warm (or cold) almond milk and stir! (You can also mix it in a blender!)

*update: tried also with oat milk and rice milk, which were both equally delicious.