New reads, sleep, period.

I’m into these two books now. 

First, sleep. I’m marveled at Arianna Huffington‘s movement…because sleep is JUST THAT IMPORTANT.

I’ve had a hard time getting my mind and body settled after my move. 

Sleep is everything. In the beginning of my jetlag I couldn’t sleep and would open a book. If that didn’t work, despite knowing it would only exaggerate the situation; I would open up my iPhone. And voila, it’s 4am. Then you try to wake up at 7/8 am, so you are either tired all day or end up sleeping more during the afternoon which only creates an abnormal rut.

And with the 24/7 SNS and information via internet, this isn’t just the case during jetlag. Honestly it happens whether you are traveling, moving, or not!

This abnormal cycle gets or natural body confused. When is it time to rest? To sleep? To eat? To relax? To be active? And thus, our mind-body starts showing us signs. Fatigue, pain, emotional flucutuations etc. (and that is if we are lucky, sleep or lack of it is fatal) 

Honestly, I am constantly working on this…because you know, life! Relationships, work, family, unexpected situations, etc. But if we have the basics down; such as SLEEP it will help us to deal with everything much easier and more comfortably. We can approach life with ease, comfort, love, positivity and compassion.

Some routines I try to incorporate daily:

-No phone an hour before bed and the hour after getting up in the morning.

-Opt to read a ‘real book’ before bed. Breathe.

-Make the room dark to sleep, but have a window that may bring in natural light to you in the morning.

-Morning: Brush teeth right away and have a glass of water.

-Stretch, yoga with the breath, meditate 10 minutes before breakfast.

-There are some natural remedies for sleeping asides from sleeping medications. After incorporating the basics above, Try:

-having warm milk with turmeric before bed.

-warming up the feet. Wear socks, give your feet a massage (preferably with a little oil)

-there are naturally derived supplements such as glycine (amino acids), valerian, California poppy seed that can promote good sleep. But remember we all have different bodies so no single supplement will be the best for everyone. 

We are different in all ways. So unique and so beautiful for that. To bring out the best of each of us, we have to acknowledge that we are all different and first accept who we are, and others too. That comes by taking care of your body, understanding what YOUR body needs at this moment to express itself fully.
I think as women, the menstrual cycle is such a big part of our life. It might seem like a burden if we fall into a poor relationship with it; but if we can turn that around, it it the most powerful thing in the world.

I used to think; oh well there are only 2 weeks in the month where I can feel super! But that’s because I wasn’t completely in tune with my body , not knowing what it needed at each phase during our one month cycle.

Again, I’m still workin’ on it but I was really captured by Alisa Vitti who is so open to this, promoting the knowledge of our women’s cycle and really helped me to understand better. 

As motivational books I mentioned before; we need to part from the  social norms that is so ingrained in us, and let our creativity grow!

 I definitely think the way we think can change our world from a personal level.