Creating space: 



From upper left, clockwise: Coffee vanilla from Cosme Kitchen Juicery (Shibuya), Cacao Maca from Marugo Deli (Ebisu), Banana protein from LA Juice (Hiroo), Cacao Avocado from Trueberry (Nakameguro)

“Go with the flow” is commonly used, but just like everything else in the world (and beyond), it can be taken in different ways depending on how a person percieves it in a certain situation.

It can be difficult for me at times. Sometimes you do need patience. You can’t rush things. You DO need to go with the flow.

Though, at times, a part of me feels like I’m being lazy while I’m being ‘patient’, waiting for things ‘to flow’, and that I’m making that (“go with the flow”) an excuse. It makes me impatient, and I start to feel the need to push out of it and move things along, quicker.

But on the real: if you are living a life of honesty, passion and putting effort into your everyday, it will all come along. So, don’t rush.

In relationships, in work, in finding apartments, or injuries…it translates to everything. I dealt with a death of a friend recently (I cannot add anymore words to express myself– it makes me cringe just to mention it) , and I’m dealing with a physical injury now and it’s hard. It opened my mind to so many things. What my values in life are. And of course genuinely taking care of myself because I was definitely not treating it as my temple, and realizing I needed time for rest and reflection. Things take time.

To do this, patience and peace of mind is key. Distractions of thoughts, emotions, (comparing yourself with others etc…) can make you “rush” without taking the moment to reflect back on your own values and appreciate your own existence.

And it’s about those small dots that connect to the larger picture. We all have so much going on in our lives; but there’s no difference between the big moments or the small moments. It’s everything put together. So really, whatever the situation, whatever the issue, (try) to BE in each moment, fully.

This quote that Carrie, a wonderful Iyengar Yoga teacher introduced us to in her workshops a few weeks back, resonated with me:

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. -Viktor E. Frankl