Morning coffee.

Today was a slow morning. I’m not on a “stable” schedule right now (leave that story for another day) so for days like this when I’m working from home, I have some flexibility.

From upper left, clockwise: Drip coffee&milk@home — Milk tea@Haneda Airport — Americano@Cafe Gavroche in Singapore — Almond decaf latte@my soul sister’s home

We all find comfort in stablility. Even if you think you’re all over the place, as long as you know you have one stable something–whether it be a person, house, job, hobby, etc… it makes you, sane. And…happy!

At times when I feel like I’m in that tunnel, and not quite sure where I’m going— all I can really do is to remind myself that the light is right around the corner. So I just try new things, take new challenges, and go with my curiosity. But I find that possible because I know that unconciously or conciously, my family and friends are there to support me. That’s stability.

It also translate into lifestyle routines. Sometimes when I feel like I’m in knots and flexibility with my schedule gets me lazy, lost or unproductive, I get anxious and don’t feel so-great about myself.

So it’s all the more important to find some “stablity”, at least in morning routines. It definitely helps to balance the sympathetic/para-sympathetic nerves. When I studied Ayurveda in India, I remember being surprised at how morning routines were such a crucial element.


SHIGETA’s river of life, pure innocence, golden drops

Gotta be honest, I’m still working with mine- but I really enjoy a daily 5 minute massage after my morning shower. It’s from a Japan/French brand, Shigeta ( ; definitely a story to read on the brand itself) which uses high quality blended oils you can apply directly (yes, directly!) to your skin. It’s been on my dresser for years now and would definitely call myself a repeater. The aroma and effects are mind-blowing.