…and “books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Big Magic was…indeed a magical gem! and just yesterday I finished Being Mortal. They are both extremetly mind shifting. After you soak yourself into it, it will definitely change how you take action in life. Currently, I’m quarter-of-the-way into Linchpin (on Kindle) and diving into The Icarus Perception (paperback!) today!

I find that the very core of the inspirational/spiritual/motivational books that speak to me, are the same. But I love how people have different ways to express and articulate these ideas with such clarity, wit and fun! And its just so importatant to have them repeatedly reminded to you; because one book or one phrase can change things like you’ve never imagined!


I’ve also gotten into podcasts (eye-opening! as I’m not tech-savvy, this is like a WOW) which have been an everyday-thing for me. I’ll update on this soon!