Finding the root 根本をたどる。

When something in the body doesn’t feel right, whether it be a cold that keeps on coming back, or chronic pain—we have to notice that these are signs the body is giving us. And usually, the answer is not taking an energy drink & some Asprin. As this can get you through the day of rough work (I understand, first hand experience!), it’s temporary.Sometimes the body is saying, “take it down a notch, find time to relax and make some reflection time for yourself”, or “get some exercise and breathe some fresh air instead of scrolling through instagram“…or “look back at your eating habits“. Whatever it be, the body is definitely giving you a warning first, before the illness becomes crucial.

If we are able to reflect on these signs, or even notice subtle voices in the body before we feel any pain at all, we can stay healthy, in and out. Because who’s not happy when they’re healthy? And never take that “normal” healthy state for granted until something comes along. Be mindful…because normal is awesome.


Pumpkin & Zucchini with Chickpeas. (with lots of ginger, herbs and some garlic) Served with white rice.

I recently got back to cooking, shopping for fresh organic vegetables and produces, using what’s in season. Change of air (country!) is amazing, but getting settled takes time. But some lifestyle changes can help. I realized this is something the body needed, and it really warms the soul too:) Prepped before yoga class, and devoured it after the most relaxing Iyengar yoga class with wonderful people & environment on a Tuesday evening.