A bit about yoga ヨガのお話


Some may think yoga is something for flexy-bendy people, or requires you to be “kale-loving”…but this (really,) isn’t the case! Yoga is for anyone. I genuinely believe its beneficial for the well-being of all people regardless of anything.

Yoga has taught me to accept my body, let go of judgments, and fulfill in the present. Through practicing, I’ve learned to let go of “trying to be” and realized how whole & happy I am able to feel. And how much easier it is to just, be.

I’ve taught people of all ages-many of them for their first time, (elementary school kids to senior yoga for ages 65 and up!), husbands who were introduced by their wives and found it eye-opening (just what the body needed!) and many people who find it as a complimentary to their sport. And of course, I’ve been so happy to hear that just noticing the breath and being aware of the body from yoga practice has brought peace to people’s ordinary daily lives, and helped them deal with stress at the workplace, or even just during the crazy commute. 

Every-body is unique. The more I teach the more I realize how different we are. Even just taking the physical aspect of a person, I realize that the capability is different for each. Sometimes my students are capable of a certain position because their arms are longer! And depending on your day the situation can always be different.

I personalize the yoga class to suit the students as much as possible. The class is a “basic hatha yoga” or “aligned hatha yoga flow” class where we focus on breathing while we practice a flow of basics. I have incorporated elements of various styles which I have learned over the years, and because I have gone through some injuries, I feel that Alignment is very important. With a background in studying Iyengar yoga which emphasizes proper alignment, I take this much into account.

    English speaking yoga classes in Paris.