The last series for the hirokoyoga x Shiseido is RESTORE. What an ideal theme for the last of the series, and for all of us heading into the year-end.

Get ready for the most delicious pose in yoga…Savasana (corpse pose!)

I would like to express my appreciation for everyone, and also hope that the practice can continue to inspire people around the globe:)

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step by step

As the year comes to an end, many of us like to reflect back on the year–what happened, or what didn’t. Was it a stagnant year? or one of change? Whatever it was, you’re are “exactly where you need to be.” We all experience different life stages and movements in life. Sometimes a year could be full of unexpected surprises and drama, or sometimes it could be so normal you felt bored. In any state, that exact experience is meant to be there. It’s what connects you to a greater whole, and definitely leading you to where you want to be. As they say, “forever is composed of nows“. So let’s always stay present, and make the most of the now. Stay in tune with your inner self, and live & let live!