Habits make all the difference 日常を振り返ることの大切さ。

The SI (Sacroiliac Joint) joint has a nature of making small movements; but on top of that, I have a real sensitive one-one that moves around and is prone to misaligning itself. When this fragile boney joint goes out of place-my pelvis will get distorted, affecting the balance of my entire body-starting with the lower back traveling pain all the way down to my toes and fingers (Sciatica!)

Of course my daily yoga practice keeps me mindful for warning signs and helps with prevention & relief.
But what’s just as beneficial, is reflecting your 24/7. Yup, looking back at daily habits that can prevent these sudden spasms.
The habits were major culprits. You will thank yourself for avoiding (I know its not ALWAYS possible) these simplest things!
1) Being low on sleep 2) Bringing your smartphone into bed 3) Carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder and walking long distances 4) Crossing your legsIMG_20150718_204630
I really love the minimalist’s idea. Although, its a work-in-progress especially when it comes to what I put in my bag. Once in a while I dump out my bag and ask myself, what do I really use? I end up packing up just 10 items out of 25.

Not only will it take a huge burden off your shoulder, but surprisingly, your mind too.

Happy yoga, from hirokoyoga:)