A go-to pose anytime anywhere

VIPARITA KARANI aka “legs-up-the-wall-pose”.

Get into the pose: Find a wall and bring your sit bones close to the wall, extend the legs and RELAX.
*legs do not have to be completely straight!

It’s the most simple-yet most beneficial asana (pose) I know to:

1. Quiet the mindIMG_20150710_170303
2. Release fatigue and cramps in the legs
*When was the last time you did a cartwheel? Once in a while, let our energy go bottom-up instead of the usual top-bottom.
3. Gently stretches hamstrings, back and lower back
4. Eases digestion, stomach cramps
5. Helps Insomnia
+Shift in perception, new ideas, creativity!!

These are just a few of the benefits. I do this when my mind or body feels tension, and after 5 minutes I feel completely rejuvenated yet relaxed.

Happy yoga from hirokoyoga:)