Teaching 教えること。


A post on the last (beautiful!) day of August.


When I started yoga 12 years ago, I never imagined teaching it.
Honestly when I was getting my license, it was to deepen my knowledge for yoga, and didn’t start teaching until a few years after. Taking a class, is completely different from teaching one.

Now that I have started teaching about a year ago, I cannot feel more blessed to be able to share the practice.
I thank friends and students who have been coming to my classes, and truly enjoy seeing bodies, minds and faces changing!
Positively, of course!

I mostly specialize in private or semi-private lessons. Big classes are great too, but it cannot be emphasized enough that all our bodies are different, and there is no same one. In addition to that, how the body feels each day is different too.
One might feel energized, ready to flow through challenging poses, while the other is recovering from a cold and needs a few more of those relaxing poses.

Of course I cannot be inside someone’s body to understand 100% how it feels, but my experiences, injuries, emotional ups and downs, body changes—though sometimes tough, have given me an opportunity to understand more about one’s condition, and accommodate to that in order to give a class that they can benefit from.

And through classes, I learn, more. Looking forward to years more of sharing and living each moment of those “nows” called life:)