Back from Pune, India.

Let the tension go, and take it easy

P1080640Came home from a ten-day trip to Pune, India which included one of the most beautiful weddings, and days of Yoga filled with love and laughter.
This time, I visited two studios.

1. Abhay’s Iyengar Yoga in Kothrud, Pune
(Karve Road, Rahul Nagar near Hanuman Temple)
One of the best teachers in all ways that I have encountered in my life. Everyday I would take a rickshaw there for five days, where I would work on a personalized sequence (for my lower back) from 9:30-11:30.
P1080549 P10805522. Kiram’s Studio on Paud Road
The teacher frequently travels around the world to teach his own style of yoga, which he created after recovering from his injuries through yoga. I took the evening classes here with the ladies of the area. The location is my favorite, at a rooftop of a building.


I cannot express in words how this trip has impacted me, as it has in many ways.
Looking forward to seeing everybody in Tokyo!

Always see your surroundings with fresh eyes.

Had a chance to see Mr. Iyengar himself when visiting the Iyengar Memorial Institute!