Yoga in Barcelona, Yoga in Paris


I live for traveling! And two things are a must during my trips.
#1 Cafe’s, cafe’s cafe’s!
#2 Visiting local Yoga Studios

P1070808P1070805Estudio Yoga, Barcelona
After trying out a couple of studios living in the city, this one became my favorite.
It’s everything―the ambience, the students, the teachers & staff.
You’ll Feel the Barcelona sun & wind from the european tall windows, while the graceful voice of the instructor vibrates througout the space…It’s Pure Bliss.
*Classes in Spanish. Basic yoga classes starts with focus on breathing and flows into basic yoga postures. Experienced students, classes of approx. 10 people.
Trial class 8 euros/ One class 14 euros (mat rental 1 euro) Studio, Paris
I looked for a studio in my area, luckily this one was open during the summer holidays.
It’s a beautiful studio in the Bastille area of Paris, and have two studios offering also pilates and dance classes.
I especially enjoyed the spacious-ness, with small groups. You can hear the lively voices and sounds from outside like a BGM, giving you the full Paris Yoga experience.
*Classes in French, but most teachers speak English. Hatha yoga classes focus on basic yoga postures and focus on breathing. Beginners involved with approx. 5-6 students.
Trial class 12 euros/ One class 18 euros (free mat rental)


旅行が大好きな私。旅行先でのマストはこの二つ ①カフェ巡り ②地元のヨガスタジオ訪問

体験 8ユーロ ドロップイン 14ユーロ(マット代1ユーロ)

体験 12ーロ ドロップイン 18ユーロ(マット大無料)

P1080235 (600x800)